The Best Wall Tent for Hunting

By: Ted Karr

In this review we answer the question, “which wall tent should I buy?”  We have researched and  tested to find the best for you!

Looking for a wall tent?  We have taken a close look at the top wall tents offered today in order to save you time in research and analysis to find the best wall tent for hunting.

Having spent time hunting out of a wall tent, there are some features that stand out to us that make three of the tents on our list Top Shelf.  Features worth considering:

  • Quality
  • Materials used
  • Seams
  • Stove Tent Hole materials
  • Tie down material
  • Zipper Construction
  • Ease of set up
  • Options available
  • Ability to withstand heavy winds

That last one (ability to withstand heavy winds) is definitely higher than I would have expected.  On a night we had planned to spike camp on a Wyoming archery elk hunt, we received a text with the following photo:

It turns out we were staying in a high quality tent…but we used cheap stakes.  We were borrowing the tent and didn’t realize at the bottom of the tent tote was a set of “foot long” stakes.  We had used bivy tent stakes.  Once we set up the tent again and made sure it was properly staked, it withstood some really heavy wind in Wyoming for multiple days with no issues.

The following wall tents are Top Shelf and will serve you well for your outdoor adventure.

Bravo! Guide Tent

great wall tent
Bravo Guide Tent


The Bravo! tent is made in Camas, Washington and will not disappoint.  This is an incredibly well built tent and the Bravo! team stands behind their product.  They also repair tents so they have learned what works and what doesn’t work and they incorporate all of that knowledge into the construction of their tents.  Josh, head of sales for Eagle Cap Outdoors, has been hunting for years and he uses a Bravo! Tent.  As you can see from the above photo, he uses the tent in conjunction with another tent to provide more space out of the elements.


  • According to Bravo! the Bravo! Guide Tent comes standard with a Sunforger® Marine Boatshrunk Army Duck canvas. They also come standard with a heavy duty 14 oz (non-rotting) sod cloth.  All tents are double-treated for water and mildew.  Their tents also come with a US military style Stove Jack.
  • Long 4″ eaves, double stitched and grommet
  • Overlapped double stitched seams
  • Triangulated reinforcements
  • Heavy duty strength web stake loops
  • Front door with freeze resistant, self-healing zipper, and storm flap
  • Oversized tent bag included
  • Options: high wind package; extreme heat shields; back door; door screens; room divider; wind stopper; eve web reinforcing; Bravo! frame bag

COST: 12 x 12 – ~$1400 (with steel frame, but no options)

WHERE TO BUY: Bravo Tents

Kwik Kamp Outfitter Wall Tent

Best Wall Tent
Kwik-Kamp Wall Tent


We used this tent in Wyoming and it did not disappoint.  The strong tie ropes, flexible constructions, and wind and waterproofing, and one foot overlapping flap door are features that really stand out.  This tent is very high quality and it is built to last.


  • According to Kwik Kamp, The Outfitter Tent is made out of 10.10 oz. Army Duck material that is treated to be water resistant, mildew resistant and flame resistant. After treatment, the Army Duck actually finishes at approximately 12 oz. per square yard.
  • The corners and peak of the Outfitter Tent are reinforced with a high strength 40oz. industrial vinyl.
  • The doors have a one foot overlapping flap to protect the zipper from the weather.  They also include Fastex side release buckles on the inside of the door as well as the outside (so you don’t have to reach through).
  • Kwik Kamp uses what they call a double lap felled seam.
  • The stove jack is made of silicone with flap
  • Options: screened windows, screened door, vinyl fly, vinyl floor,

COST: 12 x 12 – $1500 (with aluminum frame, but no options)

WHERE TO BUY:  Kwik Kamp Tents

Davis Tent & Awning

great wall tent
Davis Wall Tent


Davis Tent and Awning is located in Denver, Colorado and they have been building wall tents since 1955.  The Davis tents are durable, and they offer many options.  They definitely cater to the hunter and they have a reputation for building quality tents.


  • 10.10 oz Army Duck canvas
  • Choice of 4” or 5.5” stove jack
  • Zippered door
  • Attached sod cloth
  • Ropes cut to size with metal tensionors installed
  • Ridge pole sleeves
  • Steel stakes in their own bag
  • Options: ¾ detached floor; screened windows; screen doors; Colorado Door storm flap; eave sleeves; 9 piece-3 column angle kit with bag and rubber feet; wood stove; canvas tent bag; pole bags; stove bag; rain fly and awning

COST: 12 x 14 – $1500 (with steel frame, but no options)

WHERE TO BUY: Davis Tents


All three of these wall tents are Top Shelf.  It is difficult to elevate one over the other.  You will notice all three offer storm flaps on the zippered front, which is a must have.  They offer reinforced stitching and materials that will withstand the test of time.  They also offer a number of options to make your hunting/camping experience even more enjoyable (windows, stoves, etc.).  It might just come down to which tent maker offers the size you need for your hunting party.  If I were to purchase one today, I would probably have to flip a coin.  With that said I met the owner of Bravo! last year and he definitely knows the tent business.  Not only does he build a quality tent, he also runs a tent repair service so he has first-hand knowledge and experience of what can go wrong with a wall tent.  He builds his tents with that knowledge and experience in mind.  Our Sales Manager, Josh, owns a Bravo! and is very happy with it.

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