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    • Wyoming

      • BackCountry Hunting Logistics
        BACKCOUNTRY Hunting Logistics

        Contact: Jake Black, Justin Dykes, Andrew Sundell

        Jake Black: (307)262-2779

        John Bowers of the Eagle Cap team used Backcountry Hunting Logistics to plan and scout an archery elk hunt in Wyoming, Unit 7. His primary contact was Jake Black. John can, without a doubt, endorse Backcountry Hunting Logistics for helping plan a self-guided hunt in Wyoming. Their team is very familiar with critical factors, such as access to public land, obtaining trespassing permission to cross private land to get to public, and where to camp to increase your likelihood of success. They also scout the area and provide trail cam footage of the current year elk traffic. All of the advice and referrals John received from Backcountry Hunting Logistics checked out and were spot on. While their advice led to a very successful hunting trip in Unit 7, had John sprung for the full guide package, there is no telling how much better things could have been. This outfit is trustworthy and is well connected with the local landowners in a unit where access to private land to get to the National Forest is important. They also have connections with some private ranches that have incredible elk herds with notable.



    • Salmon, Halibut, and Rock Fish

        IslandView Resort & Charters
      • IslandView Resort & Charters

        Islandview offers guided fishing, accommodations, meals, and all of the equipment you need. They are turn-key. They are a fun bunch and they do their absolute best to ensure you have a fun and successful fishing trip.

        Contact Information: PO Box 6243,

        Sitka, AK 99835


        Ted Karr of Eagle Cap Outdoors enjoyed a fishing trip guided by Islandview Resort & Charters in 2015. He took his wife (her first time deep sea fishing) and they brought home over 200 lbs of salmon, halibut and rock fish. While this was their first time enjoying a guided fishing trip with Islandview, they were on a boat with folks from Washington state that had been to Islandview annually for over 10 years straight. There is no better endorsement than that. The Islandview team was amazing. They definitely know how to get you in the right locations to have success fishing. We enjoyed 4 days of fishing non-stop for over 8 hours a day. Our only regret was the weather (summertime) was overcast and we were not able to see the mountain. I would book this same fishing trip again if my wife would let us spend the money!

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