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Katadyn Water Pump

The Best Water Filtration System for the Back-Country

Generally, when we decide to do an extended back-country hunt, or fishing trip we often need to pack the gear on our backs.  At least those of us who don’t…


The Best Stove for Backpacking Comparison

  Best Backpacking Stove Comparison As most of you who spend time in the mountains with a multi-day back pack strapped to your back know every ounce in that bag…


The Best Rangefinders

Sig vs. Gunwerks vs. Vortex vs. Leupold Rangefinders What do you look for in a rangefinder these days? What features are crucial in the hunting/recreational shooting you do? How versatile…


The Best Back-Country Coffee

Back-Country Coffee Options Let me begin by admitting that I’m a coffee addict; I don’t go many places without my trusty stainless steel insulated spill-proof mug.  At home I subscribe…


The Best Wall Tent for Hunting

In this review we answer the question, “which wall tent should I buy?”  We have researched and  tested to find the best for you! Looking for a wall tent?  We…

Easton Bow Case - Soft

Best Compound Bow Case

Choosing between a hard or soft compound bow case   In the world of archery we have multiple types of bows and often we travel with those bows, either to…


Best Back Country Satellite Communicator – inReach, Bivystick, or Spot

This day and age technology is becoming something we rely on when we go off the grid. Big strides are being made in gear, some of it seems to be…


The Best ATV for Hunting 2020

By: Ted Karr Nearly every hunter aspires to own an ATV.  They are great for scouting, useful for navigating rough roads, and a luxury for retrieving game.  This was my…

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The Best Game Bags for Elk Hunting

      By: Ted Karr   Game bags are a must for most hunts.  Whether you back pack in or hunt close to camp you will most likely need…


The Best Trekking Poles for Hunting

  We have researched, reviewed, tested and talked to hard core hunters to find the Top Shelf trekking poles for backcountry hunting! BEST TREKKING POLES FOR HUNTING Last season I…