Here are links to the tools of the trade that made it to our Top Shelf picks!

Top Shelf picks are items we feel can meet our most demanding needs in the field, and they only make it to the Top Shelf status after we put them to the test.  If you’re looking for an item that’ll work, but isn’t something you would expect to last, or an item you can’t depend on miles in the back-country, it will not be on this page.  We may have reviewed it and thought it was OK but if that’s all we thought, it won’t be here.  Again, only the items we will trust in the back-country are listed on this page.

The Best Bow Vise

Top Bow Vise Comparison and Review – The Best Bow Vise

Katadyn Water Pump

The Best Water Filtration System for the Back-Country


The Best Rangefinders


Easton Bow Case - Soft

Compound Bow Case – Soft vs. Hard Case



The Best ATV for Hunting 2020


The Best Game Bags for Elk Hunting


The Best Trekking Poles for Hunting


Best Spotting Scope for Hunting 2019



Tripods – Light – Sturdy – Easy to Use



The Best Hunting Knife for Back-Country



The Best Binoculars for Hunting



The Best Binocular Bivy and Harness System for Hunting