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Game Bags

Best Game Bags for Elk Hunting

By Ted Karr

We have updated our game bag review for 2022.  There are several new game bags on the market so we decided it was time to take another look at the top game bags on the market today.  Game bags are a must for most hunts.  Whether you back pack in or hunt close to camp you will most likely need to transport your meat or hang your meat for a period of time.  A good game bag will protect the meat and allow it to form a nice protective crust between the time of dressing out your animal and getting your meat processed.  We have used a number of game bags over the years so we have a lot of experience with most of the game bags that have been around for a while.  We had an opportunity to try most of these game bags on an archery elk hunt in New Mexico this year and found a number of features that we really liked.  We had the opportunity to quarter out one bull elk and bone out two other bulls.



Game bags have come a long way in the past few years.  There are a bunch of great options available today and each has its benefits.  When purchasing a game bag there are a number of factors to consider.  The key factors include:

  • Size and Fit (bone-in or bone-out)
  • Quality (stitching, strength, etc.)
  • Material (cotton, nylon, hybrid)
  • Ability to Protect Meat From Flies (how porous? Form-fitting or loose-fitting)
  • Miscellaneous Features Such as a Drawstring and Reflectors
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Cost

This review provides what you need to know about the top game bags available for hunters and it will provide you with important information about those bags, including the pluses and minuses of each.  We also provide our pick as to the Top Shelf game bags which was difficult this year since there are so many good game bags available.  Click on the “where to purchase” link to find the best buy on each game bag.

Born and Raised Game Bags:  Top Shelf Pick

Why you should select the BRO Meat Bag


New on the market for 2021, these game bags have raised the bar for those looking for the best game bag for elk hunters.  The Born and Raised (BRO) game bags are feature rich yet still lightweight.  If space in your pack is an issue, you might want to use bone out bags.  However, if you can spare the room, these game bags are the Cadillac of game bags.  The BRO game bags come standard with a zipper which is currently the only game bag on the market with this feature.  If you have ever tried to hold up an elk quarter and drop it down into a tight fitting game bag you know how difficult that can be.  With the zipper you can open up the game bag, lay the quarter down on the game bag and then zip it up.    We also like the materials out of which these game bags are made.  The material breaths but it’s thick enough to keep out flies, bees and other insects.  The material also keeps the blood in the bag and not on your pack or clothes.  The BRO game bags are brown with a nice tie cord at the top.  We were able to easily hang these bags in a tree for several days while in the backcountry.

Key Features of the Born and Raised Elk Meat Bags:

  • Washable
  • Zipper for easily bagging an elk quarter
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Seam down 1 size and zipper down one side
  • Sized right for good fit
  • Lock loops
  • Draw string
  • Light reflector tabs
  • Anti-microbial
  • Insect proof
  • Reusable carry case

Material:  Hybrid RipStop Nylon
Size: 41.5” by 23” (quarter bags)
Weight:  20.5 ounces for the entire package of five bags
Fit The BRO meat bags fit are designed to fit an elk quarter and can easily accommodate a bull on the larger size
Price:  $149.99 for a set of 5
Where to buy Born and Raised Outdoors


Best Ultralight Game Bag

Why you should select the Ovis Sacks Ultralight Pro Bags


The Ovis Sacks Ultralight Pro Game Bags are an attractive game bag and a great choice for those who want an ultralight bag but don’t want to sacrifice durability and don’t mind a slightly more form fitting game bag.  This set of full size game bags is not much heavier than the ultralight bone out bags discussed toward the end of this review.  This Ultralight game bag is sold separately or in a complete set and is a great option for those who like to count ounces.  Each Kit Contains: four quarter bags (20.5’ x 37.25’), one meat parts bag (15″ x 28″), and a storage bag.  The entire package weighs only 16 ounces.

These game bags are red with silver and white and they offer both a reflective tie cord as well as a reflective band on both sides of the bag.  The fabric has stretch to it.

Features of the Ovis Sacks Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible (stretchy)
  • Draw cord
  • Light reflector strips and logo
  • Storage bag
  • The Ovis Sacks logo is on the bags

Material:  94% Nylon and 6% Spandex
Size: 20.5” by 37.25” quarter bags (elk); 15” by 28” scrap bags; storage bag
Weight:  Only 1 lb. for the entire package
Fit The Ovis Sack Ultralight Pro meat bags are designed for elk quarters and fit .
Price:  $71.99
Where to buy Ovis Sack Pro Game Bag

Caribou Gear Game Bags:  Runner Up For Traditional Game Bags

Why you should select the Caribou Gear Game Bag:


These game bags are ultra-light yet slightly oversized for the type of quarter for which each size is used.  On top of that the construction quality is excellent.  These were our top choice two years ago and they are still one of the best.  These game bags are made of a nylon material that feels a lot like a high quality bed sheet.  You can purchase these bags individually or in a “pack” that includes pretty much everything you need when field dressing and packing out your meat.  The Magnum multi game bag set includes 7 game bags with logoed camp meat bag, storage bag, big game ID tags, meat transfer form field tips and instructions.  With that said, I must admit, the differences in the Caribou Gear bags and those of Kuiu and Ovis Sacks are very minimal.  You will not be disappointed if you purchase Caribou Gear Game Bags.

Features of the Caribou Gear Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Heavy duty double stitching
  • Seam down 3 sides
  • Sized big for loose fit
  • Lock loops
  • Draw strings
  • Light reflector tabs
  • Breathable carry case

Material:  Nylon
Size: 48” by 28” quarter bags; 23” by 30” cape bag; 23” by 30” meat parts bag
Weight:  2 lbs. for the entire package
Fit:  The Caribou meat bags are oversized for a looser fit and plenty room to accommodate the quarter of an exceptionally large bull.
Price:  $104.99 for the Elk Magnum Pack
Where to buy: Caribou Elk Magnum Game Bags

Kifaru Game Bags: new on the market

Why you should select the Kifaru Game Bag Set:


The Kifaru elk game bag is one of the most attractive to the eye given the color they offer.  They are made of a strong and durable thicker proprietary nylon so they are designed to last a long time.  We did note that the elk quarter bags are on the smaller side.  Kifaru also offers a set of deboned game bags in case you are deep in the backcountry and you want to reduce the number of trips you need to take.  The bone out bags work great.

Features of the Kifaru Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Very Durable
  • Handmade
  • Lock loops
  • Draw strings
  • Breathable stuff sack

Material:  Nylon
Size: 33” by 20.5” quarter bags (5.3oz); 13” by 18” scrap bags (2.2oz); stuff sack
Weight 2 lbs. for the entire package (bone-in quarter bags)
Fit The Kifaru meat bags are designed to be the perfect size for elk quarters.  They are a fair amount smaller than some of the other bags, such as the Caribou and the Kuiu.
Price:  $124.00 for the Set
Where to buy: Kifaru Game Bag Set

Argali Game Bags: new on the market

Why you should select the Argali Game Bag Set:


We had an opportunity to use the Argali elk game bag on an elk hunt in New Mexico and they held up nicely to hanging meat for several days from a tree branch.  The material is a bit thinner so blood seeped through the bag but that probably speaks to the breathability of the material and is a tradeoff to saving weight.  A full set of these bags weighs less than a pound!

The Argali game bags are marketed for having multiple uses, such as holding elk quarters, functioning as a stuff sack or even use as a pillow; having a game bag that is so big at such a light weight is a big plus!   In addition, Argali offers a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

Features of the Argali Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Reflective paracord for draw string
  • Closed-knit seams
  • Webbing loops for hanging
  • Reflective material
  • Comes with a lightweight stuff sack

Material:  Nylon blend
Size: 24” by 40” quarter bags; 9” by 17” spare parts meat bag’ stuff sack
Weight:  ozs for the entire package
Fit:  The Argali meat bags are mid-range in size so they have no problem fitting an elk quarter.
Price $81.99 for the Set
Where to buy: Argali game bags


Why you should select the Ovis Sacks Game Bags:


The Ovis Sacks Game Bags are a great choice for packing out quarters – this game bag is sold in a complete set and is one of the best values out there for synthetic material game bags.   The kit even comes with a replaceable blade knife!  Each Kit Contains: four quarter bags (22″ x 33″), one meat parts bag (16″ x 20″), a 40’ roll of flagging tape, 2 pair of Latex gloves, a 5′ x 3′ plastic sheet, and one storage bag.  The entire package weighs 1.65 pounds.

These game bags are exceptionally light, and a true fit for an elk quarter.  The only downside was the XL bags are on the smaller size relative to the Caribou Gear Game Bag, which makes for a tighter fit and the stitching on the pack we purchased was not as high quality as that of the Caribou and Kuiu bags.  These bags are made of nylon.  They are a great option and sold at a great price.  Because of the price and what you get, you should definitely consider the Ovis Sacks Game Bags. We have used the Ovis Sacks game bags for hanging elk quarters for a few seasons and they work great!

Features of the Ovis Sacks Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Heavy duty double stitching
  • Seam down 3 sides
  • Sized big for loose fit
  • Lock loops
  • Strong draw cord
  • Light reflector strips
  • Breathable carry case
  • The Ovis Sacks logo is on the bags

Material:  Taslan Nylon
Size: 22” by 33” quarter bags (XL); 13” by 18” scrap bags (2.2oz); stuff sack
Weight 1.65 lbs. for the entire package (3.4 ozs for a single bag)
Fit The Ovis Sack XL meat bags are designed for elk quarters and fit a quarter really well.
Price $67.50 without the knife and $102.45 for the set with the knife
Where to buy:  Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags


Why you should select the Kuiu Game Bag:


This is a feature rich and beautiful game bag sporting the Kuiu reflective logo and orange panels sewn on each side to increase depth.  This bag was tailor designed to fit an elk quarter and will not disappoint.  The bottom of the bag is tapered just like an elk quarter.  Your only concern will be getting it dirty!   This was our second favorite bag due to its high quality construction, design and overall look.  This might be the most expensive game bag in the bunch we reviewed but it will perform and if you kill an elk, you probably won’t care.

Note: Kuiu also offers boned-out meat bags.  We have not yet reviewed those so we did not include those in this review.  Also, we reviewed Kuiu’s large (elk) bags.

Features of the Kuiu Elk Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • No bottom seam
  • radiused bottom
  • double stitched
  • Orange reflectors
  • Breathable
  • Cinch closure with heavy duty cord and cord lock
  • Orange side panels
  • Reflective material on draw cord
  • Webbing loops for attachment of Kuiu removable accessory straps

Material:  Nylon
Size: 23.5” by 42.5” quarter bags (elk); 4.5oz; 5500 cubic inches
Weight 18 ozs for 4 bags
Fit The Kuiu meat bags are designed with a radiused bottom for elk quarters and fit an elk quarter really well.
Price: $24.00 per bag for elk bags
Where to buy: Kuiu Game Bags

Alaska Game Bags

Why you should select the Alaska Game Bags:


The Alaska Game Bags are the most flexible and affordable game bags on the market.  They are made of a cotton/nylon mesh material similar to cheese cloth which makes this bag very flexible and able to stretch over an elk quarter.  The Alaska Game Bags are easy to use and easy to roll over an elk quarter.

These game bags come in a 4 pack and are 48 inches by 30 inches in size.  Each bag weighs approximately .375 lbs. and the package of 4 weighs 1.5 lbs.

Features of the Alaska Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • No Seams
  • Form Fitting yet flexible
  • Relatively lightweight

Material:  Nylon
Size: 23.5” by 42.5” quarter bags (elk); 4.5oz; 5500 cubic inches
Weight:  1.5 lbs. for 4 bags
Fit The Alaska game bags are form fitting and fit tight against the elk quarter.
Price: $12.99 for a 4 pack
Where to buy: Alaska Game Bags

T.A.G. Bags BOMB Pack: Our Top Shelf Pick for Bone Out Bags

Why you should select the T.A.G. BOMB (Bone Out Meat Bag) Game Bags:


These game bags are made for the backcountry hunter who wants an ultra-light option for packing out meat that has been boned out prior to the pack.  The T.A.G. bags are definitely a great option for those who like to bone out their game.  However, it is important to note that they will not work as quarter bags.  Each kit contains four 14”x34” meat bags, two 14”x20” meat bags, and one storage bag to hold all of the bags.  These bags are designed to keep the meat from bunching at the bottom.  However, given their small size, you might need to pack a couple extra if you happen to kill a large cow or a large bull and you have enough hunting partners to help you pack out the meat.  Also, these bags are a bit pricey given the small size of the entire package.  I highly recommend these bags.

Features of the Alaska Game Bags:

  • Washable
  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • Long slender size helps keep meat from bunching at the bottom of the bag
  • Breathable carry case

Price: $70.00 for the kit
Weight: 10 ounces for the entire package
Where to buy: T.A.G. Game Bags


Why you should select the Grakksaw XL Ultralight Bone Out Bags:


These game bags are the lightest bag that we tested and they work great; the high visibility orange makes these bags stand out in the tree and the rapid moisture transfer is effective at helping pull the moisture off your meat.  The lightweight material is not very thick so you need to be careful with these bags to avoid rips and tears.

As you can see, we used every one of these bags for my New Mexico elk and they did a great job preserving and protecting the meat.  They held up to hanging, packing in backpacks, being transferred to horses, and then to the cooler back at the trailhead.  The draw cords are nice and strong and held up to several days hanging in the back country.  These bags are solid orange.  I will definitely be taking these bags on my next hunt.  These bags also function nicely as storage bags for your food and other gear.

Features of the Grakksaw Game Bags:

  • Ultralight
  • Washable
  • Rapid Moisture transfer
  • Webbing loops for hanging
  • Draw
  • High visibility orange

Material:  Nylon
Size: 14” by 33” – you will want 8 for a large bull
Weight:  Approximately 1oz per bag and 7.5 ozs for the 6 bag sets
Price $139.95 for 8 bags
Where to buy:  Grakksaw Game Bags

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions, comments or thoughts! – Ted

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