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After hunting big and small game with a bow and a rifle, hunting in dry conditions and in snow and rain, and hunting near the trail and in the back country, by foot and by horse, our team went through a lot of gear before we found the best options.

  • We are not biased towards products, other than their quality.
  • We use the gear that we recommend, and aren’t paid to use the gear.
  • We are here to help the reader attain their goals.
  • We research and provide the information needed, so the reader can make a solid decision as efficiently as possible.

We exist to provide you, our reader, with recommendations for the best gear for your hunts and the best hunts for your gear.  We also provide you “how to” advice on gear from a network of seasoned hunters, fishing experts, trusted guides, wildlife biologists and other outdoor enthusiasts you can trust!

  • We want to save you time in the process of finding and selecting the right gear for your hunts without breaking the bank.
  • We are not persuaded by price or marketing…we are persuaded by quality and value.
  • We are biased, but not by brands…we are biased by quality, comfort, fit, durability and overall value.
  • We like to view our recommended gear and outfitters as “top shelf.”  Just like other Top Shelf items, gear only reaches the status of “Eagle Cap Approved” after enough peopled have tried the gear and determined that it deserves that position.  Pursuing a quality hunt, or going after a trophy rack or a record setter, requires quality, trusted, safe gear.

At Eagle Cap Outdoors, we stake our reputation on your success and safety in the field.

Meet the team:

Ted Karr:  Co-Founder  

Idea Generator, Legal Controls, Writer/Reviewer, avid outdoors-man.  Ted grew up in the town of Sweet Home, OR at the gateway to the high cascades.  When Ted was 11 he saved enough money to buy a go-kart.  After looking at used go-karts with his dad, Ted’s dad invited him to instead spend his money on a backpack, inflatable raft, and trout pole so he could join his dad in the outdoors.  That was the beginning of Ted’s adventures backpacking into many lakes in the High Cascades, pursuing monster rainbow trout.  It was around that time Ted also took to hunting.  Today he hunts all big game, enjoys fishing remote lakes, and he is now on a quest to hunt bears, cougars and wolves.  However, his passion is elk hunting.  The one thing Ted knows for sure is that he feels more alive either on the top of a mountain as the sun rises, or next to a campfire under the stars. 

Chris Woodburn:  Co-Founder

Idea Generator, Technology Leader, Product Reviewer and avid outdoors-man.  Chris was born in Texas learning how to bow and rifle hunt by the leadership of his dad who was an avid hunter.  Mostly hunting whitetail deer, squirrels, rabbits, quail and dove Chris dreamed of being able to fly fish the flowing rivers of the Pacific Northwest and hunt big game high in the mountains with his stick and string.  Once Chris moved to the northwest and finished college he has spent countless hours getting familiar with hunting elk, fishing the Northwest rivers and learning what's needed to be not only successful, but making every moment in the back country count.  He spends a lot of time during the year practicing archery, developing ammo, reading and learning about new products, so he can increase his chances of filling the freezer.


John Bowers: Pro-Staff, Wildlife Biologist, Adviser

John was born and raised in Texas.  He holds a degree in Range and Wildlife Management from Texas A&M University.  He's worked as a guide and private wildlife biologist in South Texas since 1995.  His cousin took him on his first archery elk hunt in 2003 in Oregon, and he’s been hooked ever since.  He now spends countless hours studying habitat, animal behavior, terrain, historical precipitation and many other data points to improve his odds at being successful in the woods. His constant product research, archery practice and fitness program are all driven by his annual September trek out west.  John lives in Kingsville, Texas with his wife and 3 children.

Austin Miller: Pro-Staff, Field Test

Austin was raised in Western Oregon.  Sticking to his roots, he now calls McMinnville, OR home.  He's been hunting for a number of years and Spring bear season is arguably his favorite.  Not only does it allow him to get into the woods early in the year to hunt, but it also helps him prepare for archery elk season by keeping tabs on the herds - observing patterns, where elk go when they get pressure, as well as bedding areas.  He's well versed on day hunts to extended 10 day back pack trips. Hunting the Pacific Northwest is something that draws him in with the vast mountain ranges and abundance of wild life.  He enjoys and thrives on hunting public land because it's open to everyone.  One of the many things that draws him in, is that everyone is given the same opportunity and it’s all about how you choose to apply yourself.  The mountains don’t care your age, wealth, or your status.

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