The Best Trekking Poles on the Market

The Best Trekking Poles on the Market

by Chris Woodburn

Peax Backcountry Z Sissy Stix

For those out there who enjoys back packing into the wilderness, hiking around neighborhood trails, hunting hard in the mountains, or just walking around your shopping center you may be interested in using trekking poles.  Trekking poles can help you conserve energy, preserve your knees, and/or back.  

The specific benefits of trekking poles are that they can reduce impacts to your  body with every step by 3 to 5%, help improve your balance, increase calories you burn by incorporating your arms, reducing the stress on your knees, and many, many more benefits.  I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to look at and use the Peax Backcountry Z Sissy Stix, and they are by far the best trekking poles I've ever used and I've used many over the years.  


Some of the key features of these trekking poles includes the fact they are super light, very rigid and strong, and they fold up into short 14" sections.  They also have really nice EVA foam grips, which are integrated into the top of the trekking pole and also down the shaft a few inches, for the times you need to pull yourself up the trail.  My last pair of trekking poles used cork for grips, but over time those grips became slick to touch and would slide up and down the poles.  Not very helpful when hiking in, or out of the deep timber with a 65 pound pack.  Things break!

The Peax Z Sissy Stix are made with carbon fiber, and aerospace grade aluminum with tungsten carbide tips.  They have an easy to use extension clip, so you can quickly adjust the height, for your specific height and terrain needs. 

The Peax Z Sissy Stix use a snap button and quick lock to easily join the 3 sections together, or break them down so you can quickly through them in their  bag or into your pack.  

  • Includes: 1 pair PEAX - BACKCOUNTY Z sissy stix, 1 pair Trekker 2™ baskets, 1 pair Powder Pro™ baskets, 1 pair Rubber Feet, 1 Carrying Case
  • Handle: Ergonomic EVA Foam
  • Extension Grip: Yes
  • Upper Materials: 100% 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Middle Materials: 100% 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Lower Material: Aerospace 7075 Aluminum
  • Strap: ComfortPad™
  • Locks: Snap Button & QuickLock 2™
  • Main Baskets: Trekker 2™
  • Snow Basket: Powder Pro™
  • Tips: Tungsten Carbide
  • Adjustable Length: 45" - 53"
  • Collapsed Length: 14"
  • Weight: 9 oz (per pole)

I'll say it again, these are the best trekking poles I've had the chance to use!  

Cost: 169.95

Where to buy: Peax Backcountry Z Sissy Stix

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